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It’s a plain fact that many individuals who deserve Social Security Disability Benefits have been wrongly denied. Quite often this is because they have simply given up and never appeal. It’s our policy to never give up on claims which have merit.

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As in any Social Security case, if your case is not won, you will not be required to pay attorney fees. There are some basic criteria to qualify. These include paying into the Social Security fund prior to becoming disabled, not being able to perform job duties due to disability, and possessing a condition that is expected to last a year or longer.

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The process of acquiring a favorable determination to receive Social Security income and benefits involves several different administrative and, sometimes, judicial steps. Our team of experienced professionals can employ creative and viable legal steps to achieve success.

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Eligibility for a disability classification can differ with each person. Should you receive an unfavorable decision through the Social Security Administration, our staff will carefully look at the whole decision, even the parts that may have been favorable. When the decision is wrong, we will take the reasonable and necessary measures for changing it.

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To receive benefits, the first step will be filing an application. If claimants are represented by attorneys, the attorney arranges for this filing on behalf of their client. We will also prepare any necessary documents and forms which accompany your application.

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Entrusting us to prepare your application will make the process much easier and convenient. Contact one of our skilled social security disability attorneys at (872) 529-9377 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your social security disability claim.


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