March 2016

Why So Many Americans Get Turned Down for Disability

The Social Security Disability Insurance program was established in 1956 as a way to provide monetary assistance to American workers who were no longer able to perform substantial gainful activities (work) due to injury, illness or another disabling medical condition. For many disabled individuals and their families, the modest benefit payments provided by the program Read More

Recent Ruling to Change the Way Disability Claimants Are Evaluated

A remarkable change in the way disability claimants are evaluated will likely have a significant impact on a large number of Social Security Disability claims that are filed each year. Effective as of 03/16/2016, a disabled worker’s credibility is no longer to be considered when evaluating the claimant’s symptoms. While the change may not initially Read More

Americans are Living Longer, but in Poorer Health. What this Means for Social Security.

As new medical technologies make their way into widespread use, people are living longer.Unfortunately, many who benefit fromthese advances find themselves dealing with a long-term disability,often before retirement age. This could lead to changes in policy and the way that social security disability programs work. Evidence of Increased Disability Rates One study by the University of Read More