Social Security Disability Benefits

Here’s What Trump’s New SSDI Rule Could Mean to You

The Trump administration’s proposed new rule could lead to more stress for beneficiaries and a loss of benefits for some who rely on SSDI. Specifically, the rule proposes a new level of continuing disability reviews (CDRs), which the Social Security Administration (SSA) conducts to determine if SSDI recipients are still eligible to receive benefits. How Read More

What Information Do You Need to Apply For SS Benefits?

When applying for Social Security benefits, there are certain pieces of information that applicants will need to provide, including information about themselves, their medical conditions, and their employment. Individuals who are over the age of 18, are not currently receiving benefits, and who are unable to work because of a long-term medical condition expected to Read More

What is the Compassionate Allowances Program

The Compassionate Allowances program is a way for individuals with disabilities to expedite the application process when seeking Social Security disability benefits. Ordinarily, the process of applying for benefits can be challenging and time-consuming, which can be frustrating and stressful for individuals who are otherwise unable to live healthy lives and return to work. The Read More

A Guide to SSD and Stimulus Checks

Like millions of other Americans, people who receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits will be able to automatically receive stimulus checks, even if they don’t normally file tax returns. The following is a brief guide for individuals on SSD to help ensure they get their stimulus payments. How the Stimulus Checks Work Starting April 27, Read More

How Your Tax Refund May Impact SSI Eligibility

Typically, the U.S. Social Security Administration won’t consider a taxpayer’s tax refund for twelve months, but the individual may lose Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits if he or she earns or possesses too much money following that period. SSI provides monthly payments to help individuals who are either blind, disabled, or elderly. To qualify for SSI, recipients are required Read More

SSD Income vs Benefits Balance: Here’s What You Need to know

Many workers with disabilities rely on Social Security payments and Medicaid along with their jobs to cover the costs of living, along with other assistance programs. Unfortunately, as wages increase, disabled workers meet the maximum amount of earnings permissible before they disqualify for benefits, which often means they are forced to work fewer hours. Here’s Read More

Can I Get SSDI while on Long Term Disability

If an individual becomes disabled and is unable to work following an accident or as a result of medical conditions, long-term disability and Social Security disability benefits may be available, in many cases simultaneously. The Difference Between SSDI and Long-Term Disability Long-term disability insurance differs from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in several ways. Understanding Read More

How Long Can I Be Off Work and Still Collect Disability?

If an individual is currently unable to work and disabled, he or she may be able to receive disability benefits while out of work. Disability benefits received from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can help cover the many expenses associated with a disability, including medical bills and other daily costs. Depending on the applicant’s situation, Read More

How Veterans Disability Impacts SSDI

There are various ways in which veterans disability can affect SSDI and eligibility for benefits. Qualifying for VA and SSDI Benefits Qualifying for VA disability does not guarantee eligibility for benefits through Social Security. Although both are government programs, eligibility requirements are very different. Disabled veterans need to have service-related disabilities to qualify for benefits Read More

Losing Your Social Security Benefits

There are several reasons that could result in the loss of Social Security benefits. In 2015, more than 150,000 people in Cook County had successfully submitted Social Security claims Chicago. Social Security is meant to be available when it is needed. It is important to understand the potential causes that could result in the loss Read More