Social Security Disability Benefits

5 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Social Security Disability Case

Don’t make the 5 deadly mistakes that can destroy your Social Security disability case. Social Security disability is available to people in Illinois who have a medical impairment that restricts their ability to perform work. Benefits are provided through a federal insurance program that imposes strict requirements and regulations on disability applicants who file for monthly benefits.

How Much Is the Cost of Living Increase for Social Security in 2024?

If you’re retired or planning to retire soon, you may need to know, “how much is the cost of living increase for Social Security in 2024?” In comparison to earning a substantial income from a full-time job, living on a fixed income from Social Security benefits can be challenging. It’s important to know how much your monthly benefit check will be and how yearly cost of living increases may impact your future earnings.

Seeking SSDI: How to Prove You Can’t Work

To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you must show proof that your injury or disability is preventing you from performing your normal work duties. Understanding how to prove you can’t work can help you build a successful case and gain approval for the benefits you need.

Social Security Increase: How Does COLA Impact Your Benefits?

If you rely on Social Security SSI and SSDI, you can expect a 3.2% social security increase beginning in 2024. Although it is not as high as the 8.7% cost of living increase received for 2023, it will still boost your Social Security benefits by about $50 each month, depending on your full retirement age and current monthly Social Security earnings.

Disability Benefits 101: Your Guide to Financial Stability After Disability

Our guide to financial stability after disability provides valuable information on available benefits through SSDI, SSI, and other assistance programs, and explain how these benefits can ensure a more stable financial future.

Is It Harder to get SSI or SSDI?

Is it harder to get SSI or SSDI? While both have specific requirements for approval, it’s usually easier to get approved for SSDI because of a credible work history and health plan. What Is the Difference Between SSDI and SSI? In Illinois, an individual who develops a disability because of an injury or illness can Read More

Can Disability Be Garnished?

Social Security disability benefits are important when you’re disabled and can no longer work to earn a steady income. However, disability can be garnished, and this can reduce your monthly benefit payment if you owe money to the federal government for tax debt, creditors for student loan debt, or courts for alimony and child support. Read More

How to Qualify for Disability Benefits With Chronic Pain

The Social Security Administration SSA does not include chronic pain on the list of impairments. However, an applicant’s request for disability for chronic pain may be approved if his or her impairment meets the criteria shown in the SSA’s Blue Book, a guideline for medical conditions that qualify for benefits. Causes of Chronic Pain Pain Read More

How Long Do Disability Claims Take?

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, how long do disability claims take? Generally, it takes from 3 to 5 months to get a decision, but your waiting time depends on how long it takes for Social Security to get important evidence to support your claim. How Long Does It Take to Get Approved Read More

Can You Get Disability Benefits for Long COVID?

It is possible to get disability for long COVID. Unfortunately, you’re in for a fight to gain approval from the Social Security Administration for disability benefits. Though the Federal Government has determined that Long COVID should be considered a disability under the ADA, section 504 and section 1557, this applies to your relationship with employers and doesn’t Read More