Social Security Disability Benefits

Why Social Security Disability Benefits Decrease

If you are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits, you may be wondering how long your benefits will last or if they will decrease in the future. Social Security disability benefits do not last forever. To receive SSD benefits, you must show that you are unable to work and that you meet certain other financial Read More

How Does Disability Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits?

If you are approaching retirement age and are considering or receiving disability benefits, you may wonder, “how does disability affect social security retirement?” Choosing to file for early retirement when you could qualify for disability benefits may be costly to you in the long run. On the contrary, receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits Read More

What to Do While Waiting on SSD Approval

Knowing what to do while waiting on SSD approval can help your claim go smoothly. If you file a claim for Social Security disability benefits, and you are waiting on approval, you must follow steps to protect your benefits and reduce financial hardships. Steps to take include seeing your doctor for continuing medical care, working if Read More

How Much Can You Earn and Still Keep Your Social Security Disability?

Many people receiving Social Security Disability can work part-time without losing their disability benefits as long as their earnings do not surpass a set amount per month. Disability benefit recipients should consult a disability lawyer to determine whether they can earn extra income without losing their benefits.  Working Part-Time While on Social Security Disability The Social Read More

How Long Term Disability Lawyers Can Maximize Your Benefits

A workplace injury could cause workers to miss more than a year of work. Whenever an injury occurs that puts someone out of work for a year or more, that person generally qualifies for Social Security disability benefits. Many factors could affect Social Security benefits. Social Security disability attorneys can help claimants navigate the claims Read More

SSDI Benefits Increase Coming Soon

Recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will see an increase of 5.9% in their monthly benefits in 2022. The larger checks will help approximately 70 million Americans keep up with the rising costs resulting from inflation while the economy keeps recovering from the pandemic’s impact. The increased payments to Read More

How to Check Your Disability Claim Status

There are three ways to check one’s disability claim status: using the Social Security Administration’s online services, contacting the SSA by calling the automated line 1-800-772-1213, or by visiting a local SSA office in Chicago. Checking the Status Online The SSA’s online services provide a fast and convenient way for people to find out the Read More

Qualifying for Disability with Spina Bifida

Whether a person with spina bifida (SB) qualifies for disability benefits depends on the severity of his or her symptoms. The condition itself doesn’t automatically satisfy the definition of a disability by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA will assess the person’s disability depending on the specific symptoms he or she is experiencing. What Read More

Will My Injury Settlement Impact Disability Benefits?

The simple answer to the question of whether an injury settlement will impact disability benefits depends on the kind of benefits a person is collecting. Precisely, it depends on whether the person is collecting benefits under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. If the person is collecting SSDI Read More

SSDI Income Limits for 2021

The 2021 income limit for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is $1,310 per month for non-blind claimants or $2,190 for blind claimants. Social Security Administration (SSA) considers anyone who earns more than that limit from work or unofficial jobs to be performing a substantial gainful activity (SGA). SSA considers individuals with SGA adequately independent to Read More