March 2015

If I am incarcerated, do I lose my SSD eligibility?

Conviction and incarceration can affect benefits Eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits can depend on various factors, including employment status, medical condition and monthly wages. Many people may not realize incarceration is another variable that may affect a person’s ability to collect benefits. As any disability attorney in Illinois knows, incarceration can result in the Read More

Do I have to pay taxes on my SSD benefits in Illinois?

Reviewing tax liability with a Chicago disability lawyer With the arrival of tax season, many Social Security Disability beneficiaries may wonder whether they owe taxes on their benefits. As a Chicago disability lawyer can confirm, in Illinois, SSD benefits are exempt from state taxes. However, SSD benefits may be taxed at the federal level. Since Read More

Can I still qualify for SSD benefits if I have never held a job?

Social Security Disability provides financial assistance to people who cannot work due to disabling medical conditions. As any Illinois Social Security lawyer knows, SSD benefits are not awarded based on financial need. Besides meeting medical criteria, beneficiaries must have adequate earnings to qualify as “insured.” Given this requirement, SSD benefits are not directly available to Read More

Will my SSD benefits include medical care?

Beneficiaries may qualify for Medicare coverage To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, an individual must suffer from a debilitating condition that precludes gainful employment. Given this requirement, the availability of medical care is a concern for many beneficiaries, as most Illinois disability lawyers know. SSD benefits are not awarded based on a person’s medical Read More

What qualifies as a musculoskeletal system disorder?

Claiming SSD for joint, bone and muscle conditions Musculoskeletal system disorders are conditions that affect the bones, joints and muscles. People who suffer from these disorders in Illinois may experience anything from mild pain and stiffness to significant physical limitations. These disorders can be highly debilitating, as any Chicago Social Security attorney understands. Fortunately, victims Read More

How can my children receive benefits from my disability?

Securing additional benefits for dependents People who live with disabling conditions often face significant financial hardship, due to wage loss and unavoidable medical expenses. When these individuals also support children, they may struggle to make ends meet. Fortunately, as any attorney Social Security can explain, assistance may be available to people who qualify for Social Read More

Can I still claim SSD benefits if I qualify for the Illinois Public Employees Disability Act?

Rules regarding public disability benefits and SSD The Illinois Public Employees Disability Act provides benefits to qualifying public workers who have suffered disabling work-related injuries. These workers may receive benefits equal to their full salaries for up to one year. Still, some workers may wonder about the availability of other benefits. As a Chicago disability Read More

3 actions that will affect your continued disability eligibility

Understand eligibility with disability lawyers in Chicago To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, disabled individuals must meet strict medical standards. Many SSD beneficiaries understand the difficulty of qualifying for benefits but overlook the potential challenges of maintaining eligibility. As any disability lawyers in Chicago can confirm, SSD benefits are never awarded permanently. The Social Read More

Do you have to submit medical records which downplay your disability?

Medical evidence requirements in SSD claims Medical records play a decisive role in Illinois Social Security Disability claims. Unfortunately, some medical evidence may not reflect the debilitating nature of a condition. Many SSD applicants may wonder if they can exclude this evidence from their claims. Technically, applicants may choose which records they submit to the Read More

How do you fill out the work history on your SSD application?

A Social Security lawyer can assist applicants People seeking Social Security Disability benefits must provide both medical and employment information in their applications. Many people in Illinois may view submitting work history and related information as a secondary concern. However, as any Social Security lawyer can confirm, this information may determine the outcome of a Read More