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Can You Get Disability Benefits for Long COVID?
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It is possible to get disability for long COVID. Unfortunately, you’re in for a fight to gain approval from the Social Security Administration for disability benefits. Though the Federal Government has determined that Long COVID should be considered a disability under the ADA, section 504 and section 1557, this applies to your relationship with employers and doesn’t Read More

What Is the Maximum Social Security Disability Benefit?
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If you’ve worked at a job that pays into the Social Security System and have sustained a disability, you may qualify for maximum Social Security Disability benefit payments. Of course, these benefits are income based and depend on you having paid into the system, among other requirements for qualification. If you think you may qualify for SSDI Read More

What Is the Easiest Way to Get Disability Benefits?
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There is not a guaranteed, or easiest way to ensure that you are approved for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, using an experienced disability attorney will ensure that you are maximizing your chances at early approval. There is a complicated and lengthy list of qualifying conditions and supporting documentation that you’ll need to provide. Your Read More

How Many Times Can You Get Denied for Disability?
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You can be denied disability a total of 5 times. The first time will be on your initial application and can be for a variety of reasons. If your initial SSDI or SSI claim has been denied, the system allows you to enter an appeals process that has 4 steps. Similar to the court system, each denial requires Read More

How Much Do You Get for Disability Benefits?
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When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, your monthly benefit payment is decided by a formula based on your earnings over a period of time. Your employment earnings and Social Security guidelines will be key factors in determining how much you get for disability. How Much Do You Get for Disability? Workers who are Read More

What You Need to Apply for Social Security Disability
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If you’re disabled and need financial assistance, it’s important to know what you need to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Before you apply, make sure you’re prepared to provide personal information about yourself and your family members, your medical conditions and treatments, and your employment history. When Can You File for Social Security Disability? Read More

What Happens With Social Security Disability When a Spouse Dies?
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You can often continue to receive Social Security disability benefits when a spouse dies, especially if you are 60 or older. The payment amounts range from 71.5% to 100% of the pre-death benefit amount. Social Security can pay these survivors’ benefits to widows, widowers, and dependents, including young children and sometimes even parents who were Read More

What Are Nonmedical Requirements for Social Security Disability?
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To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you will need to prove you have a disability that prevents you from working. You will also need to meet several other nonmedical requirements set by the Social Security Administration. You will need to have an adequate work history and meet a certain requirement of work credits to Read More

Why Social Security Disability Benefits Decrease
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If you are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits, you may be wondering how long your benefits will last or if they will decrease in the future. Social Security disability benefits do not last forever. To receive SSD benefits, you must show that you are unable to work and that you meet certain other financial Read More

How Does Disability Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits?
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If you are approaching retirement age and are considering or receiving disability benefits, you may wonder, “how does disability affect social security retirement?” Choosing to file for early retirement when you could qualify for disability benefits may be costly to you in the long run. On the contrary, receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits Read More