November 2020

What Is a Video Disability Hearing?

Backlogs in the courts could delay a disability hearing for months. A video disability hearing can help a claimant get through the process of getting approved for Social Security Disability sooner. However, there may be circumstances that make a traditional in-person hearing ideal. What Is a Video Disability Hearing? The Social Security Administration (SSA), like other government agencies, Read More

A Letter from Your Doctor Can Help Support Your Disability Claim

An application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefit requires supporting documentation, including formal medical records. However, a letter of support from the applicant’s physician explaining the medical condition and how it prevents maintaining gainful employment carries more weight than a letter that merely states that the person has a disability. What Should Be Included in a Doctor’s Letter Read More

Your Age May Impact Your Chances of Getting Approved for Disability

The Social Security Administration’s age categories put younger adults at a disadvantage when being awarded disability benefits. Older adults have a better chance of getting approved for disability. However, the SSA also considers Residual Functional Capacity and previous work history. SSA Considers Age a Vocational Factor The SSA increasingly lowers the bar for qualifying for Read More

Top Causes of Long Term Disability

Depending on the benefits provided by an employer, an injured or ill employee might receive between 30 days to up to a year of short term disability benefits. However, if the employee is unable to return to work because of their disability and does not have a long-term disability insurance policy, they will need to Read More