December 2014

25 new disabilities added to SSA’s Compassionate Allowances list

Expedited processing available for more conditions The Social Security Disability evaluation process can be rigorous and lengthy, as any Chicago Social Security attorney can attest. However, for certain severe medical conditions, the Social Security Administration offers expedited claim processing and reduced evidentiary requirements through the Compassionate Allowances (CAL) program. In 2014, the SSA added 25 Read More

37 million Americans have some form of disability

An attorney Social Security can help disabled Americans seek benefits Disability affects millions of people in the U.S., including many Chicago residents, as any attorney Social Security knows. A recent report indicates 37 million Americans suffer from some type of disability. Many of these individuals cannot work and may struggle financially. However, some of these Read More

4 conditions that may automatically qualify for Social Security Disability

Benefit approval likely for certain severe conditions Any Chicago disability attorney knows that qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits is rarely certain, no matter how disabling a condition is. However, the Social Security Administration identifies certain medical conditions that are almost always debilitating enough to merit benefits. People who suffer from these conditions usually qualify Read More

What is physical residual functional capacity?

Assessing functional limitations with disability lawyers in Chicago Many people suffer from debilitating conditions that the Social Security Administration does not directly consider disabling, as most disability lawyers in Chicago know. These individuals may still qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if the SSA determines they cannot work. To evaluate whether gainful employment is feasible, Read More

Strong documentation can strengthen your application for disability

Social Security lawyers in Chicago provide application assistance Most Social Security lawyers in Chicago know that people seeking Social Security Disability benefits face a high risk of claim denial. The Social Security Administration uses strict standards to determine whether a condition meets the definition of disability. Claim denial due to poor supporting evidence is not Read More

Brain tumors may be eligible for SSD benefits

A brain tumor can cause countless debilitating effects, whether it is malignant or benign, as any Social Security lawyer understands. Tumors press on the brain, producing symptoms such as headaches, confusion, speech problems, ambulatory issues, personality changes or memory loss. Chicago residents who struggle to work or handle daily tasks because of these symptoms may Read More

Can I collect disability if I live in a nursing home?

Plan for new living situations with a Social Security attorney Many people who collect Social Security Disability benefits will require nursing home care at some point. As any Social Security attorney can explain, nursing home stays do not affect eligibility for SSD benefits. However, people who collect disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program Read More