March 2021

How a Protective Filing Date May Impact Your Disability Benefits

A protective filing date (PFD) determines when a claimant can begin collecting disability benefits. This date affects the amount of back pay that a claimant can receive.  It also enables the claimant to lodge a disability claim or express the intention to do so within 17 months of the start of his or her disability. Read More

Denied SSDI? Read This Before You Reapply

A Claimant whose social security disability insurance (SSDI) application has been denied by the social security administration (SSA) has three options. He or she can appeal the disability verdict, reapply for benefits, or let the verdict stand. Protecting Rights to SSDI Benefits If the claimant decides to reapply for SSDI benefits, he or she will Read More

Are SSDI Waiting Periods On Their Way Out?

More than 36 disability rights groups are pleading with Congress to get rid of two oppressive waiting periods that beneficiaries of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) must withstand at the moment. The groups submitted a letter to the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties in June 2020 requesting enactment of the pending bill. Read More