February 2015

Stevens-Johnson syndrome can leave victims disabled

Syndrome can have severe, permanent health consequences Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare reaction to certain medications, infections or cancers. The reaction causes the outer layer of skin to blister, die and peel, creating the same effect as burning. The reaction can also affect mucus membranes. As an Illinois Social Security lawyer can attest, this syndrome Read More

Is Parkinson’s eligible for SSD benefits?

Claiming SSD for Parkinson’s with a Social Security attorney Parkinson’s disease develops when neurons in the brain die or become damaged, resulting in the disruption of nerve signals. Tremors, stiffness and issues with balance or movement often characterize this disease. Parkinson’s is progressive, so these symptoms usually worsen over time. As an Illinois Social Security Read More

3 genitourinary disorders that are eligible for SSD

A disability attorney in Illinois can help victims of kidney disease Chronic kidney disease affects one-tenth of Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As any disability attorney in Illinois knows, kidney disease can be highly debilitating. The disease results in the buildup of electrolytes, fluids and waste. Victims may experience adverse Read More

How does the ADA work with SSD benefits?

Claims under both systems may be acceptable Many people who live with disabilities in Illinois struggle to perform their jobs. If employers don’t offer reasonable accommodations, these employees may claim discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If a disability prevents gainful employment, employees may also seek Social Security Disability benefits. These claims may seem Read More

Are all medical sources accepted as proof of disability?

Documenting disablement with an Illinois disability lawyer Social Security Disability claim decisions are often made based on the strength of the supporting medical evidence. A recent Social Security Administration report indicates nearly one-quarter of 2010 SSD claims were denied for medical reasons. As any Illinois disability lawyer can attest, people seeking SSD benefits must provide Read More

Bomb-blast related brain injury categorized as separate disease

New insights into complex, disabling brain injuries Bomb blasts are a common cause of injuries among veterans. According to USA Today, improvised explosive devices and roadside bombs were top causes of troop injury in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brain injuries resulting from these blasts may be especially devastating, as any SSD attorney in Illinois is aware. Read More

New treatment could help ease seizures

Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that arises from electrical disturbances in the brain. These seizures can cause uncontrollable movements, confusion and loss of consciousness. Epilepsy is incurable, and treatments to address symptoms are not always effective. As any Chicago Social Security attorney knows, epilepsy often adversely affects victims’ functional abilities and daily lives. Fortunately, epilepsy Read More

4 changes Social Security is making on disability qualification

Rule revisions may impact new SSD claims People seeking Social Security Disability benefits in Illinois are often familiar with the application process and eligibility standards. The guidelines for both have remained consistent for years. However, the Social Security Administration is now changing aspects of the SSD application and decision process. As any attorney Social Security Read More

Expedited processes available to disabled military veterans

A Chicago disability attorney can assist wounded warriors It’s not uncommon for veterans to return from service with severe wounds or debilitating psychological conditions. In November 2013, Forbes reported that over 900,000 veterans had already been wounded in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. As any Chicago disability attorney knows, these injuries and residual effects can Read More

Will federal lawmakers improve Social Security Disability or cut it?

New rules could force changes to SSDI program Social Security Disability Insurance provides essential support to many Chicago residents who cannot work due to disabling conditions. In December 2014, the Social Security Administration reported that over 8 million Americans under age 65 draw on SSDI. Unfortunately, as most disability lawyers in Chicago know, projections show Read More