June 2016

House Moves To Expedite SSDI Payments To Terminally Ill

A senior sitting on wheelchair, terminal illnessIn a bi-partisan effort to help Americans with terminal illnesses, Reps. Rodney Davis (R-IL) and Ron Kind (D-WI) recently presented the Social Security Disability Fairness Act to the House. The bill reforms SSDI payment procedures in several ways. […]

Establishing Credibility in Disability Cases

A lower part of a disabled body with crutch, SSDI CasesEstablishing credibility is one of the most crucial parts of a disability case. The severity and limitations of some disabling conditions are clearly demonstrated by medical tests like MRIs, x-rays and other information found in medical records, which makes establishing credibility much simpler. Sometimes, however, the effects of many disabling conditions are more subjective making the symptoms more difficult for social security disability examiners and administrative law judges (ALJs) to evaluate. Therefore, many disability applicants must rely on their own explanations and descriptions of the symptoms they experience to prove the severity of their limitations. […]