May 2015

Rare diseases receiving more attention from medical researchers

Improving treatment of uncommon diseases Diseases that affect fewer than 200,000 people are classified as rare diseases. According to US News, nearly one in ten Americans, including many here in Illinois, suffers from a rare disease. Unfortunately, as any attorney Social Security knows, many of these diseases are highly debilitating, and securing treatment is frequently Read More

What is ‘substantial gainful activity’?

Evaluating vocational activity during SSD claims People seeking Social Security Disability benefits must prove they cannot perform “substantial gainful activity” because of their impairments. Additionally, claimants cannot engage in SGA while seeking benefits. To many SSD applicants, this may sound like a subjective requirement. However, as a Chicago disability attorney could attest, the Social Security Read More

Can I receive SSD if I have been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis?

Claiming arthritis with disability lawyers in Chicago Inflammatory arthritis occurs when the immune system attacks healthy joint tissue. This disease typically causes swelling, stiffness and pain. As most disability lawyers in Chicago understand, inflammatory arthritis is a common cause of adult disability. This disease can severely limit a person’s ability to work and perform other Read More

3 conditions that are considered affective disorders

Common, debilitating mood disorders Affective disorders are psychiatric diseases that affect moods. These disorders, which are also known as mood disorders, may arise due to life events, genetic factors or chemical imbalances in the brain. As Social Security lawyers in Chicago would agree, these disorders often disrupt a person’s relationships, work and other obligations. Fortunately, Read More

Why are 9/11 first responders suffering from disabling conditions?

Responders often face debilitating physical, mental conditions The events of 9/11 took a heavy toll on many first responders. As any Illinois Social Security lawyer knows, many of these heroes now suffer from severe physical or mental afflictions. Often, these conditions are incurable and disabling. Research shows that 9/11 responders are more likely to develop Read More

Once you are approved for benefits, when will you start receiving checks?

Projecting SSD payment dates with a Social Security attorney The Social Security Disability claim evaluation process can be lengthy. As a result, once a claim is approved, many applicants in Illinois want to know when they will start receiving benefits. The date that benefits begin can vary significantly between applicants, as any Social Security attorney Read More