LLC, SSI and SSDI Attorney Profiles

Social security and disability lawyers of Chicago have a number of SSI attorneys and Social Security lawyers who are totally familiarized with the Social Security disability claims process. Our teams of highly skilled lawyers are 100% committed to helping people who have disabilities. We pursue their cases relentlessly to get the maximum amount of benefit money possible. Our experienced lawyers are as follows:

Howard Ankin. Attorney Ankin is a 3rd generation lawyer, and he and his father founded the law firm. His main focus is on helping clients who are fighting for social security benefit claims, in addition to fighting for those are pursuing personal injury cases, wrongful death claims, and worker’s compensation matters. Howard is passionate about carrying on the family tradition of providing outstanding legal support to all clients, and he is extremely committed to seeking justice on behalf of his clients.

Paul B Ankin. Paul B. Ankin is the father of Howard Ankin, and they co-founded the firm more than fourteen years ago. Paul mostly has clients who have used his services for generations. His loyalty has not gone unnoticed, and he continually receives referrals to friends and family members of these satisfied clients. Paul believes that loyal clients should be treated with respect, and their cases should be given prompt attention no matter how small or large their legal matter may be.

Scott Goldstein. Scott Goldstein has traveled extensively, and he grew up in a working class neighborhood. This is what allows him to practice law with such empathy towards his clients. He understands the struggles that they face, and he does everything within his power to protect their interests and rights. Attorney Goldstein deals in social security disability law and worker’s compensation law. He visits the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission daily to make sure that his clients get the awards that they deserve for their pain and suffering.

Telly Liapis. Telly has always been committed to being a voice for his clients. He believes that hard-working people deserve the opportunity to get justice, and he works relentlessly as a legal advocate to help these people. Attorney Liapis has extensive knowledge in social security and personal injury laws, and he uses strategic approaches to litigate his cases. His diverse legal services include social security cases, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, and product liability cases.

Derek Lax. Derek has been incredibly passionate about law since he was young. He works tirelessly as a legal advocate to ensure that his hard-working clients get the voice and justice that they deserve. Attorney Lax received 7-11 certification when he was in law school, and this gave him the opportunity to earn his law degree while representing indigent clients with various legal issues.

Jon Topolewski. Jon is a powerhouse social security disability lawyer with the firm, and he is an ardent advocate for disabled people. He protects the rights of his clients at all costs. Attorney Topolewski has clients from all walks of life, and they come from multiple nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures. Each has their own set of unique needs, but Jon works diligently to get them what they deserve.

Josh Rudolfi. Attorney Rudolfi is a zealous legal advocate, and he fights tooth and nail to give his clients the representation that they need to get the results that they want. He is a personal injury victim who knows what the process can be like, so you can place your full trust in his abilities. Josh’s main focus is on social security disability cases, personal injury cases, and workers’ compensation claims.

Whatever your disability is, and whatever stage of the social security claims process you are at, our team of competent social security lawyers will work diligently to help with your pursuit of getting your social security disability claim approved. Contact one of our skilled SSDI or SSI attorneys in Chicago to schedule a no obligation free consultation. Let our professionals tell you how we can help your social security benefits claim case.


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