May 2021

Over 50 and Applying for SSDI? Special Rules May Apply

Special rules for workers above 50 years consider things like age, education level, work experience, transferable skills, and a variety of other relevant factors when determining whether a worker is eligible for disability benefits. Consequently, workers over 50 can often collect disability benefits even if they are still capable of performing some tasks. Understanding Special Read More

What Is an On the Record Disability Decision?

An on-the-record (OTR) decision is a positive determination made by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) before a disability hearing is held. The ALJ examines the medical information in an applicant’s file and rules that he or she is eligible for disability benefits based on the available medical evidence.  In simple terms, the ALJ resolves that Read More

Does Your Disability Impact Your Daily Activities

When a person applies for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may review how the person’s disabilities affect his or her daily activities. Before approving or rejecting the application, the SSA seeks to understand what the applicant can and cannot do on any specific day. The SSA may ask about daily activities when preparing Read More