October 2016

Claiming Social Security Spousal Benefits

a couple, social securityA married person who has never contributed to the Social Security fund may still be eligible for Social Security benefits if his or her spouse paid into it. Both spouses must meet certain criteria in order to claim the spousal benefit. […]

Social Security Disability: Change Is in the Air

A blackboard with Social Security words, social security disabilityThe Social Security Administration (SSA) conducts an annual financial review that can have a significant impact on qualification rules, benefits amounts and other areas of disability for current and future recipients. For 2017, changes that individuals and Social Security attorneys should be aware of include: […]

How Recipients Lose Their Social Security Benefits

Social security disability offers a substantial relief for recipients, but there are some events that may trigger the Social Security Administration to cut off the benefits a recipient receives. Benefits may also be reduced to pay delinquent tax debts or old student loans. The SSA sets a medical diary date to determine a recipient’s continued eligibility for disability payments. In addition to possible medical improvements, people may lose their benefits if they earn more than the threshold amount of allowable income in a month or if they are imprisoned. […]