October 2014

Seeking SSD for blindness

A Chicago Disability attorney can offer guidance More than 3.6 million Americans over age 40 are visually impaired, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Over 1 million people in the same age group are legally blind. These individuals may face significant expenses and difficulty working, as any Chicago disability attorney knows. Fortunately, Social Security Read More

Certain changes can cause benefit loss

Under the Social Security Administration’s strict standards, conditions that qualify for Social Security Disability benefits are often long-term or permanent. Many beneficiaries in Illinois may think this makes the loss of benefits unlikely. However, as any disability lawyers in Chicago can attest, various factors can result in the loss of SSD benefits. Medical improvements Changes Read More

SSA offers Social Security Disability work programs

Incentives for beneficiaries to return to work Many Social Security Disability benefit recipients believe they will immediately lose their benefits if they return to work. However, as most Social Security lawyers in Chicago know, the Social Security Administration offers beneficiaries various work programs. These programs encourage beneficiaries to resume work by giving them access to Read More

The Social Security Disability hearing: Preparing for it

A Social Security lawyer can assist Many people seeking Social Security Disability benefits in Illinois will not receive approval during the initial application. Instead, they may have to appeal the decision multiple times. After the second denial and appeal, SSD applicants must appear before a judge during a disability hearing. As any Social Security lawyer Read More

What is the SSA’s Blue Book?

Guidelines for disability claim evaluations The Social Security Administration’s book Disability Evaluation Under Social Security can play a decisive role in disability claims, as any Social Security attorney in Illinois knows. This book, commonly called the “Blue Book,” establishes medical criteria for Social Security Disability determinations. People seeking SSD benefits can use the book to Read More

Skin ailments and Social Security Disability

A Chicago Social Security attorney can help Skin is the body’s largest organ, in terms of both surface area and weight. Although some skin conditions are merely cosmetic nuisances, a Chicago Social Security attorney may see people with serious ailments that result in pain, limited mobility or other conditions that prevent them from working. Fortunately, Read More

SSD Application: Tips on gathering your work history

Professional assistance Many people seeking Social Security Disability benefits in Illinois know they must support their claims with ample medical documentation. However, many of these people overlook the importance of providing a detailed work history. An attorney Social Security professional can explain that the Social Security Administration examines the disability and the way it affects Read More

Can you collect Social Security Disability if you receive other assistance?

Using additional support programs Social Security Disability benefits often provide a crucial form of support to people who cannot work due to disabling conditions. Still, a Chicago disability attorney knows that residents who receive lower benefit amount may still need additional assistance. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration permits benefit recipients to collect other forms of Read More

Overcoming the barriers in receiving Social Security Disability for fibromyalgia

Disability Lawyers in Chicago help fibromyalgia victims One form of disability that disability lawyers in Chicago often see in clients is fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that causes various adverse symptoms, including pain, exhaustion, dizziness, depression and memory problems. The efficacy of treatments varies, and the condition prevents some victims from performing work or Read More

Wounded warriors and Social Security Disability

Social Security lawyers in Chicago and veterans Military service can have devastating and permanent physical or mental consequences. Social Security lawyers in Chicago understand that disabled veterans in Illinois often face many challenges, including working to support themselves. Social Security Disability benefits may be available to help these wounded warriors. However, the Social Security Administration Read More