September 2014

How disability payments are calculated

Determining benefit awards Seeking Social Security Disability benefits can be an arduous task, as any Chicago Social Security attorney knows. Before applying for benefits, many people in Illinois want to know how much support they may qualify for. Prospective applicants can start by understanding how base benefits are calculated and why those awards may be Read More

Preventing the loss of Social Security Disability benefits

Loss is a legitimate risk Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits can be challenging, as any attorney Social Security can attest. Many Chicago SSD recipients know this but underestimate the difficulty of keeping their benefits. Unfortunately, individuals who are still disabled may face benefit loss after various life changes. People receiving benefits should understand what Read More

Social Security Disability for children

Childhood disabilities create financial challenges for many families in Illinois. Unfortunately, many parents believe children cannot receive Social Security Disability benefits. Any Chicago disability attorney can explain, however, that it is possible for children to receive benefits if they and their family meet the qualifying criteria. Means of qualifying There are two ways children may Read More

Brain injuries: Complicated and unpredictable

Complex, debilitating injuries As many as 2.5 million traumatic brain injuries occur yearly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. TBI victims in Illinois may experience life-changing physical and cognitive effects, which can make living with the injury incredibly challenging. Fortunately, with the help of Social Security lawyers in Chicago, people with severe Read More

Depression may qualify for Social Security Disability

A crippling burden Many people in Illinois struggle with depression. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that in 2012, as many as 16 million U.S. adults suffered one or more depressive episodes lasting at least two weeks. As most disability lawyers in Chicago know, these episodes can be seriously debilitating. Depression can be characterized Read More

Seeking disability benefits for an autoimmune disease

Help for challenging conditions Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system attacks healthy cells. These diseases cause various complications and adverse symptoms for victims in Illinois, including pain, fever, malaise and exhaustion. These effects often interfere with an individual’s ability to work and live independently, as any Social Security lawyer knows. Social Security Disability benefits Read More

Common mistakes found on Social Security Disability applications

Potentially costly errors Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is often difficult, even for people in Illinois who suffer from seriously debilitating conditions. Mistakes during the benefit application process are a leading reason for claim denials. People who seek benefits without the help of a Social Security attorney may be especially at risk for making the Read More