April 2024

Are There Age Restrictions for Applying for SSDI Benefits?

Are there age restrictions for applying for SSDI benefits? SSDI benefits are available to persons with disabilities who have earned sufficient work credits, regardless of age. While age is not a factor in determining eligibility for SSDI benefits, applicants must meet other eligibility requirements. Age may qualify individuals who are unable to work for other benefit programs, such as SSI benefits.

What Is the Work Credit Requirement, and How Does it Affect SSDI Eligibility?

The work credit requirement for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is based on an individual’s work history and financial contributions to the Social Security system. To qualify for SSDI, individuals need to have accumulated a designated number of work credits, with the exact amount depending on their age at the onset of disability. Failing to meet the required number of work credits can result in ineligibility for SSDI benefits. Work credits serve as a measure of an individual’s ability to support themselves financially through work and ensure that only those who have contributed to the system receive SSDI benefits.