November 2015

SSDI and New Medical Marijuana Laws in Illinois

With the first legal marijuana dispensaries opening in Illinois in early November, those with certain medical conditions may now qualify to purchase the drug. There are, however, specific requirements for those seeking relief from medical marijuana. A new Illinois state law legalized marijuana as part of a four-year pilot program. Lawmakers have emphasized the importance Read More

Bi-Partisan Budget Act Extends Social Security Benefits

A new bill, negotiated between Congress and the White House was recently released. This bill is important for recipients of benefits from two major federal programs, Medicare and Social Security. It is particularly relevant for those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance. What is SSDI? Social Security Disability Insurance was not part of the original Read More

Social Security Disability Payments Remain Flat

Seniors across America are sitting down this week to determine how the recent decision not to raise Social Security Disability payments in 2016 will affect their monthly budgets. This is only the third time in the past 40 years that the government has decided not to provide a cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, to beneficiaries. The Read More