January 2021

Qualifying for SSDI with Arthritis

A person with arthritis can be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) if he or she satisfies the Blue Book listing.  Arthritis can be an extremely painful and stressful condition for any person. Although the severity of the condition varies from case to case, many people with arthritis are incapable of working due to Read More

Will Workers’ Compensation Impact Your Disability Claim?

Collecting Workers’ Compensation doesn’t make disabled workers ineligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), nor does it hurt their chances of having their disability claim approved. The only way receiving Workers’ compensation impacts SSDI is that the full income workers collect from the two entities cannot exceed 80% of their previous income. The Offset Regulation A Read More

Can Immigrants Qualify for SSDI?

Disabled immigrants who meet all the requirements are entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance(SSDI). This program provides people with a monthly income that enables them to satisfy their financial needs. SSDI Qualification for Immigrants Immigrants who are lawfully in the U.S. qualify for SSDI benefits under specific circumstances. Besides meeting the basic and technical qualification requirements, Read More