April 2015

Brain injury victims may suffer subdural hematomas

Common injuries with serious complications Subdural hematoma is bleeding on the surface of the brain that develops after trauma. When this condition is chronic, blood can gradually accumulate and cause complications such as muscle weakness or cognitive impairment, according to Forbes. These effects may be highly debilitating, as most disability attorneys in Chicago would agree. Read More

Is epilepsy considered a disabling condition with Social Security?

Criteria for SSD claims involving epilepsy Epilepsy is a disorder characterized by unpredictable seizures of varying intensity levels. This disorder is incurable, and medications cannot always effectively control the seizures. Consequently, victims often face significant risks during daily activities, such as driving or performing certain jobs. As Chicago disability lawyers could confirm, individuals with especially Read More

Qualifying for SSD benefits after a disabling car accident injury

Illinois Social Security attorneys can assist victims Serious car accidents affect many Chicago residents each year. According to The Chicago Tribune, in 2013, an average of 783 crashes occurred daily in Illinois. About two-thirds of these accidents were speed- or alcohol-related. Crashes involving these factors often have devastating consequences, as most Illinois Social Security attorneys Read More

What happens in a consultative examination?

Gathering additional medical evidence The Social Security Administration requires extensive medical documentation from people seeking Social Security Disability benefits. As any Illinois disability lawyer knows, the SSA cannot reach a decision if medical evidence is incomplete or outdated. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for the SSA to order consultative examinations. These examinations allow the Read More

People with Down syndrome experiencing more public acceptance

Awareness and support for Down syndrome increasing Down syndrome occurs when a person receives extra genetic material in Chromosome 21. This genetic disorder causes developmental delays and mental disability, as any Chicago Social Security attorney understands. Additionally, serious physical complications may occur with Down syndrome. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these Read More

3 conditions that are considered organic mental disorders

Common disorders that cause cognitive decline “Organic mental disorder” is a term used to describe reduced cognitive ability due to a disease that is physical, rather than psychiatric. Often, these debilitating disorders can be treated but not cured. As a result, many people who suffer from these conditions in Illinois may qualify for Social Security Read More

20 percent of military veterans struggle with disabling PTSD

Disability lawyers in Chicago can assist wounded warriors Posttraumatic stress disorder develops in response to traumatic events involving injury and death or the threat of these outcomes. This disorder physically alters the brain and can give rise to symptoms such as flashbacks, avoidance and impaired cognition. Sadly, this debilitating disorder is common among military servicemembers, Read More

Do I have to pay taxes on my SSD benefits?

Understanding when benefits are taxable Tax liability is an issue that many Social Security Disability recipients don’t think about until tax season begins. Although some beneficiaries may believe otherwise, SSD benefits are not exempt from federal taxation. However, as any Chicago disability attorney understands, many beneficiaries do not ultimately pay taxes on their benefits. This Read More

Social Security Disability hearing: Making sure your medical information is current

When a Social Security Disability claim is denied, the applicant can request a hearing. As Social Security lawyers in Chicago know, the wait for this hearing can be lengthy. According to the Social Security Administration, in Chicago, 14 months typically pass between the hearing request date and hearing date. Due to this gap, applicants’ medical Read More

New FDA approved drug could help lung cancer patients

Immunotherapy treatment may eliminate squamous cell cancer Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society. This year, an estimated 221,000 people will receive diagnoses, including many here in Illinois. These victims often face severe symptoms, including respiratory problems, infections, fatigue and weakness, as any Social Security Read More