September 2016

Are Disabled Veterans Guaranteed SSDI Approval?

closeup a foot on wheelchair, social security Disabled veterans can collect Social Security Disability benefits, but unfortunately a 100 percent VA disability rating does not guarantee SSDI claim approval. For Illinois claims, a Chicago Social Security attorney can explain the complex issues that are often associated with a SSDI claim approval. […]

Many Denied Social Security Disability Don’t Return to Work

A study conducted by the Office of the Inspector General found that only 27 percent of people who were denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or “disability benefits”) returned to work. The study was conducted pursuant to a regular audit of the disability benefits program to assess its effectiveness and control of wasteful spending.


Mental Illness a Leading Cause of Disability

A depressed man in a dark room, mental illnessThe World Health Organization reports that mental illness is the leading cause of disability for individuals in developed countries. In the United States, approximately 25 percent of adults suffer from some form of mental illness, and it is estimated that nearly half of all American adults will develop at least one mental disorder during their lifetime. It is estimated that approximately 43.6 million adults over the age of 18 suffer from mental illness in any given year, and about 9.8 million suffer from a severe mental condition that is disabling. […]