Social Security Disability

Why So Many Americans Get Turned Down for Disability

The Social Security Disability Insurance program was established in 1956 as a way to provide monetary assistance to American workers who were no longer able to perform substantial gainful activities (work) due to injury, illness or another disabling medical condition. For many disabled individuals and their families, the modest benefit payments provided by the program […]

Recent Ruling to Change the Way Disability Claimants Are Evaluated

A remarkable change in the way disability claimants are evaluated will likely have a significant impact on a large number of Social Security Disability claims that are filed each year. Effective as of 03/16/2016, a disabled worker’s credibility is no longer to be considered when evaluating the claimant’s symptoms. While the change may not initially […]

Social Security Disability Facing Huge Shortfall in 2016

Social Security Disability Facing Huge Shortfall in 2016 Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a financial lifeline for many disabled people in the US.  However, there is much being made of government reports showing that the program will face a very large shortfall in 2016 if steps are not taken to return it to solvency. […]

Chicago Celebrates ADA 25th with Increased Access

Chicago Celebrates ADA 25th with Increased Access The 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is being marked in Chicago by an effort to increase access to museums and other cultural venues for disabled people. The “25 for 25” initiative, which aimed to entice 25 cultural venues to become more accessible to those […]

Filing for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance pays out roughly $143 billion a year. These funds are paid to 11 million Americans who find themselves unable to work due to serious illness or injury. The application rates are climbing along with the scrutiny the Social Security Administration is giving to each application. This means that it is critical for applicants to […]

When Panic Attacks Are A Disability

Panic Attacks & Disability – New Hurdles As recently as mid-2015, there have been attempts in Congress to block routine fund reallocations to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Trust Fund. Some members of Congress were reluctant to allow the funds to be reallocated for the program without substantial reforms for how disability benefits would be awarded […]

Will filing bankruptcy affect my social security disability income?

Having to rely on Social Security disability payments as the only source of income can be a financial burden for many people. With a limited income and mounting medical bills, bankruptcy may seem like the only option available for those with financial problems. However, what will happen to a claimant’s Social Security disability income if […]

Disabled Vets a Priority in Social Security Disability Claims

Most individuals are aware that when a person files a claim for Social Security Disability, the process can be a long, drawn out affair that often leaves the disabled person and family members living beneath the poverty level, at risk for losing their homes, and barely surviving. In fact, many applications are denied twice, and […]

The Disability Insurance Bailout

Congress has been debating over the issue of disability insurance reform for decades now, but instead of developing a solution that offers meaningful reform, they continuously reallocate funds from other government programs, such as Social Security. In Fact, a budget deal that was just recently decided is set to borrow approximately $150 billion from the […]

SSDI and New Medical Marijuana Laws in Illinois

With the first legal marijuana dispensaries opening in Illinois in early November, those with certain medical conditions may now qualify to purchase the drug. There are, however, specific requirements for those seeking relief from medical marijuana. A new Illinois state law legalized marijuana as part of a four-year pilot program. Lawmakers have emphasized the importance […]