Chicago Based Professional Lawyers for Assistance with Your Social Security Claim

The Social Security Administration offers plenty of convenient methods to file a social security disability claim or SSI claim. These claims can be filed online over the internet, through the telephone, or in person at a Social Security Office located near your home. Our professional lawyers have extensive knowledge about the social security disability claims process. We can assist you with the entire claims benefit process, which includes the assemblage of necessary documentation, and the actual filing of your social security disability application. We can also prepare for and attend your disability claim hearing.

The Importance of Filing a Thorough Social Security Application with Supporting Documentation

The claims process for social security disability is initiated when you file your benefits claim application with the Social Security Administration. Before you submit your application, you will need to have your documentation and information assembled properly, so that it can be sent along with the application. This will help to speed up the process if the administration has everything they need to make their decision. The documents that the Social Security Administration requires to be sent along with an application for benefits are as follows:

  • Tax forms for the previous year or W-2 forms.
  • Social Security numbers for your spouse if you are married and all of your minor children.
  • Bank routing and account numbers.
  • Military discharge information, and Form DD 214 if applicable.
  • The contact information and names of anyone who has knowledge of your medical condition.
  • All medical records from every doctor, clinic, or hospital that you have been to.
  • Names, phone numbers, and addresses of all medical care providers that have treated you.
  • A list of all prescribed medications, and the names of the doctors who prescribed them.
  • Information about any medical tests that you have undergone.
  • Claim numbers and insurance contact information for any workman’s compensation or other insurance claims you have filed.
  • A complete summary of your last 5 jobs, including the dates worked, and the type of work that was performed.

What Happens When You Submit Your Claim Application?

After your disability claim is submitted, it will be routed to a State Disability Determination Agency, so that they can gather further information that they need to make a preliminary decision on your disability claim. Your claim will be given to an adjudicator, who may require that further information be submitted. They may also force you to see a medical examiner of their choosing that is independent from the process. If your disability claim is denied, then you are able to file a Request for Reconsideration with the Determination Agency, and a new adjudicator could be assigned to your case to review the claim. If the Request for Reconsideration is denied, then you may file a Request for Hearing, which will allow you to state your case in front of a judge.

How the Attorneys at our Office Can Help

The experienced social security disability and SSI lawyers have the knowledge and skill that is necessary to assist you when you file an application for SSI or social security disability benefits. We use our vast amount of experience to help our clients assemble a persuasive and thorough social security disability claim application. Contact social security and disability lawyers of Chicago today to schedule a free consultation to learn more information about how we can assist you with the process of filing your SSI or social security disability claim.


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