Social Security Disability Chicago

People who are disabled and have worked and paid social security taxes are entitled to Social Security Disability in Chicago for a disability that is expected to last more than one year or result in death. If you’ve worked long enough and paid in enough, you are entitled to benefits, as long as your disability qualifies under the definition of a disability.

Social security disability in Chicago can be approved on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the nature of the disability. A social security lawyer in Chicago can help you determine if your disability qualifies for benefits. Generally, the disability must be a condition that prevents the person from working and is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death.

There are no financial or income requirements, unlike SSI. There are just the requirements for the disability to qualify for the benefits, regardless of your income or assets. You can find more information about the requirements or contact Ankin Law for advice from seasoned lawyers for social security disability in Chicago.

To qualify for benefits under SSDI, an individual must be under age 65 and have earned enough work credits to collect benefits. This depends on several factors, including income and the age of the individual at the time of disability. Let the social security disability lawyers in Chicago at Ankin Law evaluate your case and ensure you are collecting the benefits to which you are entitled.


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