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Supplemental Security Income or (SSI) as it is sometimes known is a program that is need-based for people who are older than 65 that have been stricken with any type of disability or who meet other criteria that is set by the social security administration. SSI is separately funded, and is not in any way dependent on contribution funds that are tied to social security. Even if you haven’t been employed long enough to meet the qualifications for social security disability benefits, you might still be eligible to receive supplemental security income payments. In order to be approved for SSI benefits, you must submit a thorough application to make your claim, and you will have to undergo an in-depth review process that can be difficult to say the least. You will most likely be lost in the process without the help of a professional supplemental security income attorney. Our skilled Chicago, Illinois social security legal representatives have assisted numerous clients in successfully pursuing their social security disability and SSI claims.

Understanding Financial Requirements of SSI

To qualify for SSI benefits, you have to meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of what disability actually is, and you must meet other financial criteria in regards to your assets and income. There are no exceptions to these rules with SSI. Eligibility requirements for SSI are as follows:

Income Requirements

The requirement for limits on SSI income levels is based on the particular standards that are in place for your particular geographic location. Income can include social security benefits, wages from employment, alimony, pensions, interest, child support, and any room or board benefits that you are provided regularly. Social Security laws exclude certain types of income when a determination is made as to whether or not an applicant has met the requirements to be eligible for supplemental security income.

Income Not Counted by the Social Security Administration:

  • The first $20.00 that you receive from any type of income.
  • The first $65.00 that you receive from any type of employment income.
  • Federally Subsidized Housing Assistance
  • Food Stamps
  • Energy Assistance for Your Home

If you are married, then a portion of your spouse’s resources and income will be included in determining whether or not you meet the requirements to qualify for SSI. If you are less than 18 years of age, then a portion of your parent’s resources and income will be included in the determination. Certain exclusions will apply for a person’s work related expenses if they are disabled or blind.

Assets Limits

Laws pertaining to SSI limit the assets that a person may own to $2,000 as a general standard or to $3,000 in the event that you are married, and both you and your spouse receive SSI benefits. Property that is normally excluded when making a determination on the value of your assets is as follows:

  • Your primary home and the land that it sits on.
  • Life Insurance that doesn’t exceed $1,500 in value.
  • Your Vehicle
  • Burial Funds valued at no more than $1,500 for you or your spouse.
  • Burial Plots that are designated for yourself and your close family members.

Contact a competent SSI lawyer to determine whether or not you meet the criteria for eligibility. The knowledgeable supplemental security income lawyers have a considerable amount of experience with the SSI financial requirements, and what it means to meet the definition of disability according to the social security laws. We will explain the SSI and social security disability requirements to you, and we will help you throughout the entire application and review process.

Our qualified Chicago SSI attorneys will assist you in assembling the documentation and information that the Social Security Administration requires when a claim is filed for supplemental security income. As professional and experienced social security lawyers, we are very familiar with every aspect of the administrative process that is involved, and we can advocate for you at your SSI or social security disability hearing.


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