A lawyer talking to his client.

There are certain qualities to look for when choosing the best disability lawyer. Although applicants are not required to hire an attorney when applying for disability or appealing an adverse decision, working with a lawyer can help increase claimants’ chances of getting approved. 

When looking for a good disability attorney, the following are some aspects to consider to help individuals make the right choice.


Many attorneys won’t speak with prospective clients over the phone during the initial call. In-house staff members help screen and accommodate new clients. This is normally because the attorney is too busy working with other clients and appearing at hearings. However, people should be able to meet with the attorney in person for a free consultation. If the attorney is busy with other cases, he or she may place a time limit on the consultation.


An attorney should have plenty of experience in disability cases. If an attorney doesn’t advertise any experience handling similar cases or display special knowledge of certain conditions, it may be best to look elsewhere for a more experienced and knowledgeable disability lawyer.


The best disability lawyers will be courteous and display professional behavior. A law firm may be busy, but potential clients should be allowed to ask any questions they have and receive callbacks at a time that works best for them.

No Guarantees

One red flag to look out for is any guarantee of benefits approval. Attorneys can’t ensure that clients will get approved when applying for disability benefits, but they should be able to set realistic expectations based on similar cases they’ve handled. Good attorneys will also admit that they won’t likely be able to speed up the approval process, but they may be able to increase a person’s chances of preventing a denial.

Good Communication

Throughout a case, clients should be able to contact the staff at the firm without getting left in the dark regarding their case. The attorney and firm should maintain good communication to answer any questions and provide status updates. Case managers and other support staff should be readily available if a client is unable to directly contact an attorney.

When looking for a qualified disability attorney, taking these steps can help individuals find the attorney that’s compatible and reliable.