During the application process for Social Security disability, it’s important to inform Social Security of “activities of daily living” (ADLs) in addition to prior work activities, as disability could have an impact on them.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may ask about ADLs as part of a continuing disability report, adult disability report, or an adult function report. When providing this information, it’s important to describe in detail how a disability is affecting the ability to perform ADLs, including each specific activity that the disability impacts.

In addition to notifying Social Security, applicants should also mention difficulties with performing daily tasks to their physicians, who will be able to confirm these difficulties in a medical report that supports claims to Social Security.

There are certain types of ADLs that a disability may impact, all of which are important to disclose to Social Security.

Issues with Mobility

Disabilities often affect a person’s ability to move. Problems with mobility could include trouble with walking, standing or sitting, or another movement that may limit the ability to work. It’s also important to describe the specific problem that prevents movement, whether it’s pain, paralysis, numbness, a general lack of coordination, or another problem. Also, include details regarding the severity of the symptoms experienced, including the amount of time to which a disability limits a specific type of movement.

Inability to Maintain Personal Hygiene and Other Needs

Disabilities can also hinder a person’s ability to address personal needs and maintain personal hygiene. If an individual has trouble grooming, washing, dressing, or taking care of other needs, these issues are also worth mentioning to Social Security in a claim for disability benefits. Issues such as having trouble operating a zipper could indicate that the person has trouble performing fine movements, which could limit the ability to work.

Mental disorders and illnesses can also prevent an individual from being able to take care of personal needs in many cases.

Inability to Maintain the Home

If a person who is disabled is incapable of performing certain tasks around the house, these are details that the individual should also disclose. For instance, hand injuries may prevent a person from operating tools or holding certain items after a certain period of time when attempting to complete housework. Like other details, specificity is important.

These are simply some of the areas of ADLs that disabilities could impact and appear in function reports and others. Any issues experienced with hobbies, social contact, or other limitations resulting from a disability are also important to tell Social Security about. The more medically corroborated details included that indicate an inability to work, the more likely it will be that Social Security approves a disability claim.