Temporary disability benefits, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), utility payment assistance, and emergency rent are some of the financial programs available for disability applicants. These programs offer financial support to people with disabilities as they wait for a verdict on their disability benefits application. A person may continue getting additional assistance from some of these programs even after the Social Security Administration (SSA) has started paying him or her disability benefits.

Temporary Disability Benefits

Several states provide temporary disability benefits that enable a disability applicant to meet basic needs as he or she waits for a ruling on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). An applicant should reach out to a local or state department of social services to see whether he or she is eligible for temporary disability benefits. These departments are available in every state.


TANF is a state-managed support program that provides cash benefits to people with significant financial needs every month. Applicants must satisfy financial qualification rules to be eligible for this program. A disability applicant can apply for this program online or by visiting his or her local social services office.

Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP offers nutritional assistance to needy families so they can buy food without a major strain on their budget. SNAP benefits stay in effect even after the beneficiary starts receiving monthly disability benefits as well. A disability applicant can apply for SNAP either online or at the local or state social services office.

Other Financial Support Programs  

Depending on family size, financial needs, and a variety of other factors, a disability applicant may be eligible for other forms of assistance. For instance, families with dire financial needs usually meet the requirements for utility payment or emergency rent support. These types of programs are managed by the town, city, or state.

Timelines for Social Security Disability Claims

The average timeline for a disability claim is anywhere from three to six months.  A disability applicant whose claim takes longer to process should seek outside financial assistance from the above-mentioned programs.

The applicant should also seek legal help from a social security attorney who knows the qualification requirements and review processes. The attorney will investigate why the approval process has stalled and find ways to speed it up. In case the claim is denied, the attorney will assemble evidence, lodge an appeal, and appear before an administrative law judge on behalf of the applicant.