There are several reasons that could result in the loss of Social Security benefits. In 2015, more than 150,000 people in Cook County had successfully submitted Social Security claims Chicago. Social Security is meant to be available when it is needed. It is important to understand the potential causes that could result in the loss of those benefits.

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infographic_Losing Social Security Benefits

A Breakdown of the Social Security Beneficiaries in Cook County

A total of 155,373 people received these benefits during 2015. This is over half of the total number of recipients in the state (274,621 for all of Illinois). The majority of beneficiaries, 134,514, received benefits for a disability, compared to 20,859 who received Social Security benefits because of their age. Nearly 40,000 people received OASDI assistance in addition to their Social Security benefits.

Primary Causes for Loss of Benefits

There are two primary reasons for recipients to lose their benefits. If a person begins to work at a level that is considered able to sustain themselves, they can lose their benefits. Alternatively, if a person’s medical condition improves enough so that the person is no longer considered disabled, benefits will stop.

It is the responsibility of recipients to provide updates on changes to their work status and improvements in their condition.

Every person who receives Social Security benefits for a disability will have their status reviewed on a set basis, depending on the likelihood of improvement. It is important to know what the time frame is for a review.

  • If improvements are not expected, the case typically won’t be reviewed for seven years.
  • If improvements are possible, the review period will be no sooner than three years from the approval.
  • If improvements are expected, the review will occur between six and 18 months from the time when the benefits begin.

Work incentives help recipient test whether they are ready to return to work. The incentives will continue as the recipient tests whether it is possible to take a full-time position.

Getting Assistance

For those who are considering receiving Social Security benefits, there are several things to keep in mind. One of the biggest is how long Social Security claims Chicago will last. It is likely that benefits will be provided for a set period of time. For those who have been denied help, legal assistance to see what can be done to either reinstate or work to appeal a denial.