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Advising Medical and Vocational Professionals Throughout the Social Security Claims Process

Part of the SSD and SSI claim process involves the evaluation of information provided by medical and vocational professionals regarding the applicant’s medical condition. Accordingly, medical and vocational professionals play a vital role in the social security disability claim process.

Functions of Medical Professionals

Medical professionals may provide medical evidence on their patients as a treating physician or they may perform examinations and/or tests as a consultative examiner of the Social Security Administration. They may also be used as medical or psychological consultants to review claims or to testify at hearings before administrative law judges.

Functions of Vocational and Social Services Professionals

Vocational professionals are frequently used by the Social Security Administration throughout the claim process to provide information on the types of jobs that an applicant could perform and how the limitations of the applicant’s medical condition impacts his or her ability to perform that work.

How Medical and Vocational Professionals Help the Claims Process

Because medical and vocational professionals play a vital role in the social security disability claims process, there are several things that they can do to help with the claim process, such as:

  • Providing comprehensive medical and vocational reports on the applicant’s condition with as much detail as possible. Make sure to include any reasons why the patient is no longer able to work.
  • Submitting to all medical and vocational reports and accompanying information to the Social Security Administration in a timely manner.
  • Providing patients with appropriate medical and vocational referrals.

Get the Advice of Experienced Legal Counsel

If you are a medical or vocational professional that has been called upon to provide information to the Social Security Administration in connection with a SSDI or SSI claim, you may have questions about what is expected of you and the information that you need to provide. The Chicago SSD and SSI attorneys at Ankin Law have considerable experience handling social security disability matters and we can help explain the process to you and advise you on how to adequately provide the information needed to process the claim. Contact one of our Chicago SSD medical and vocational professional attorneys to learn more about the SSD and SSI documentation process.


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